Get Off Your A**

Health app and watch design

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Everyone needs to work out and get off the couch. Studies show that people reduce the risks of heart disease when implementing a daily, effective workout. Working out also increases strength and flexibility. While exercising, there are numbers or data associated with working out. 

The Problem

Users don't know any metrics or statistics regarding their workout when working out alone. How might I get users to exercise via an app and smartwatch? By providing an app that syncs to a smartwatch, users would be able to watch videos, see their data, and continue using both devices. 

The Opportunity

I wanted to design an app called Get Off Your A**, where users watch exercise videos on their phone or watch, that would inspire and engage them to work out. Their smartwatch would sync up with the app showing data on the daily progress they made along with a monthly tracker. 

My Role and Timeline

UX Designer and Freelancer: App- 2 weeks, watch- 1 week


User Research-Interviews


I interviewed 6 users to find out what type of exercise they do, how they learned new exercises, and what is the motivation to exercise. I took those findings and synthesized the results. 


Key Takeaways:

  • 100% of users wanted to learn new exercises.

  • 83% of users learned new exercises through Youtube tutorials.

  • 83% of users usually exercise for 30 minutes.

  • 83% users want the app to be quick and easy.




I designed my wireframes in Balsamiq. I will focus on the Homepage, My Profile, Exercise, Favorites, Notifications, and Settings. 


User Testing #1


I interviewed 4 users on the wireframes. I wanted to know how they felt about the flow of the app and access to the Youtube videos. I also learned about their needs regarding data analysis on their monthly progress.  



  • 100% of users wanted a tracking feature that showed heart rate, step, and calories burned.

  • 100% of users said it was simple, easy to use, and made sense.

  • 100% of users said they could access the Youtube tutorials quickly.

Medium Fidelity Wireframes and User Testing #2


I moved on to medium fidelity wireframes and did more user testing. I also started to design data tables associated with the results so users could track their progress. 



  • Make a call to action buttons more prominent.

  • Finalize profile section with features of the app or watch.

  • Ability to move favorites around for custom workout.

  • Change settings to menu icon.

  • Provide a data tracker.

  • Remove the music section.


Part 2- Apple Watch Design

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Next Steps

  • Add images to exercise tables.

  • Elaborate on the food and drink search options.

  • Research recording feature.

  • Research game function and create an avatar.