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AJ Madison is an e-commerce store that sells appliances. It sells refrigerators, microwaves, cooking ranges, and dishwashers that users can build into kitchen packages or bundles to save money, along with AJ Madison providing rebates and warranties. It was founded in the year 2000 and has a showroom in Brooklyn, New York. 


The Problem

AJ Madison doesn't have any features that incorporate digital tools such as an idea board, wish list, favorites, sharing, or decorating initiatives. How might I design a new feature that is easy to use and provide a way for users to research or save appliances?


 The Opportunity 

I will be responsible for adding a link in the header, along with a flow on how users will add items to a list. I will also create wireframes and a prototype. The list link will provide the user an opportunity to save items, compare and share products that will drive sales. 


My Role and Timeline

UX Intern, 3 1/2 weeks

User Research-Surveys


I wanted to send out a survey through emails to get a sense of AJ Madison's users. I started with demographic questions, then moved on to behaviors. From the surveys, I want to move on to Interviews, Affinity Mapping, and Synthesis to create problem statements. After collecting all my research data, I would create several Personas for AJ Madison. 


Evaluation-Competitive Analysis


I wanted to compare product and service features on other e-commerce websites and learn how to improve or innovate. We chose local as well as national stores. AJ Madison could design an app, provide gift cards, and free pickups. They could also create a wish list, a virtual kitchen, and select language feature on their website. 


Evaluation-Comparative Analysis


I also did a comparative evaluation of luxury cars and high-end fashion websites. AJ Madison could provide 360 views and incorporate videos on all their products.




Lastly, I evaluated AJ Madison's website with 10 heuristics. AJ Madison could improve on the mobile's delightful presence and accessibility of their blog. 




I designed AJ Madison's sitemap based on their main navigation bar. There are 8 categories in the main navigation bar; Packages and Brands are the last 2 tabs.


User Flow


I created a user flow based on my list prototype, created in Invision. In my prototype, there are two possible flows in which the user can create a list from the main homepage: Go directly to the list link, or look for products in the search bar, then create a list.


Low Fidelity Wireframes


I created low fidelity wireframes in Balsamiq. The list link is in the header. I will focus on 4 screens: Homepage with the list link, Create a list link page, PDP page, and The List Page with names of lists, product information, images, and add to cart. 


User Testing


I did user testing with 5 users. I asked 10 questions. 



  • Too many pop-ups.

  • Prefer radio buttons.

  • The private setting should be the default.

  • Boxes are confusing.

  • Cross-selling needs more refinement.

  • Description of product needs more info.




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Next steps or possible new features

  • Interviews

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Synthesis, Problem Statement

  • Personas

  • Shop the Room Look

  • Get Inspired Feature

  • Look Book Feature

  • Virtual Kitchen

  • Favorites Icon

  • 360 view of products

  • Pick a language

  • Design an App